Japan Updates #15 – #11 Tohoku Earthquake 2011

April 14, 2011 Japan Disaster Update

*66 trucks sent north as of 3am this morning
*Son Danny’s 5-minute relief team video below, with his comments at the end
*Now, from relief work to church planting, from SPRINT to MARATHON

*66 trucks sent north as of 3am this morning
As of today (3am departure) God has enabled our MTW network here of missionaries and our MTW-connected churches to send more than 66 trucks and vans to the devastated areas up north with supplies, hot meals, Japanese and missionary hands to give the supplies, wash people’s feet, shovel sludge from their homes, etc, all in the name of Christ. Continue Reading…

Japan Update #10 – #06 Tohoku Earthquake 2011

IverUpdate #10 Mar 21st 1:55am

SEE VIDEO OF THE MTW JAPAN RELIEF WORK AT http://www.vimeo.com/21221181

Dear Family and Friends,

* We are safe…. and very blessed
* But very busy and tired in this ongoing emergency as we work around almost around the clock.
* See video link below taking by Team member chooise
* It is 1:55 am after a very long Lord’s day. I just got home, and know I must write and update you. I am exhausted, but will try… Continue Reading…

Japan Update #05 – #03 Tohoku Earthquake 2011

Mar 13, 2011 11:30pm Japan Time: Leaving to go in

No email next 24hrs; write Carol (below)

Dear Family and Friends,

Dan, Dedachi and Rich Rainsford are leaving in about an hour to head north to a town named Iwaki, just 30 miles south of Fukushima (sight of the nuclear plant). After much prayer and searching for a place to help, they were able to contact a pastor in Iwaki who has asked them to bring water and gasoline. They have rented and loaded a truck with large tanks of water and about 60 liters of gasoline, along with a room-full of supplies like blankets, coats, boots, food. Their plan is to use back roads Continue Reading…