The MK (Missionary Kid) Rap

Carol and I fought against God about becoming missionaries because it would be bad for our kids. Turns out it was GREAT for our kids, on the whole (pluses and minuses, of course, but HUGE net plus). This MK rap son Micah and other did helps to show that. Really fun to watch.

Short Term Missions: Blessing or Bother?

Short-term Missions: Blessing or Bother?

By Dan and Carol Iverson, MTW Japan (since 1986)

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Pic: Some of our current short-termers at family dinner

Sept. 30, 2013 article update: Today my wife Carol is at baby shower for 8-day old Emi Kueh who owes her very life and existence to short-term missions! Her dad Jason was a single guy summer missionary on our Tokyo/Chiba church planting team about 5 years ago when he met Ai-san, a Japanese staff member on our team. Over the next year God led them into marriage, to continue seminary in America, and now Continue Reading…

12 Great Reads! Some Reading Suggestions (Originally for interns in Japan)

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If you haven’t read the following (and especially if you are a Japan missionary intern!) check out these readings.

(Dan wrote these suggestions in response to someone asking about intern training)

1. “Why read” chapter in Spiritual Leadership by Oswald Sanders
(The Leader and Reading – it is the first article in this PDF – found here)

2. “Tyranny of the Urgent” booklet on QT priority, use of time (good at start of summer)

3. My Heart Christ’s Home IVP Booklet (we have plenty in the team library)

4. Lifestyle Evangelism article by Petersen, in English Nav 2/7 series. Helps them understand how best to do evangelism here. I found an excerpt Continue Reading…

Presbytery Worship On Sunday

This past Sunday Kanto Presbytery sponsored an Evangelism Support Worship Service at Midoridai Church in Chiba. This was a rich time of worship as well as hearing Rev. Nagata preach. Afterwards Dan and Rev. Dedachi led a seminar on small groups. Rev. Dedachi, Rev. Nagata, along with Rev. Hirohashi are pastors with Dan at Oyumino Christ Church.

Here is a glimpse of our brothers and sisters praising God together.