12 Great Reads! Some Reading Suggestions (Originally for interns in Japan)

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If you haven’t read the following (and especially if you are a Japan missionary intern!) check out these readings.

(Dan wrote these suggestions in response to someone asking about intern training)

1. “Why read” chapter in Spiritual Leadership by Oswald Sanders
(The Leader and Reading – it is the first article in this PDF – found here)

2. “Tyranny of the Urgent” booklet on QT priority, use of time (good at start of summer)

3. My Heart Christ’s Home IVP Booklet (we have plenty in the team library)

4. Lifestyle Evangelism article by Petersen, in English Nav 2/7 series. Helps them understand how best to do evangelism here. I found an excerpt here.

5. “Transforming Power of the Gospel” by Dr. Steve Childers to give understanding of gospel-centeredness

6. Bounds: Power of Prayer Ch 1, and Ch 6, and all the quotes on prayer by greats at beginning of all the chapters.

7. Introduction to the Life of Robert Murray McCheynne (about 15 pages of it).

8. The Missions Chapter in Desiring God by Piper (so much good stuff in 1 chapter)

9. Summary of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and apologetic for learning from non-Christians (common grace)

10. Two Empires in Japan by John ML Young, Chapt 9 p 137 on post war Japan

11. Outgrowing the Ingrown Church by Jack Miller. The first two chapters on God’s identity as Missionary God, and our identity. It is good for the heart, gospel-centeredness, and being missional.

12. CS Lewis Mere Christianity 1st 4 Chapters (or another Apologetics, if have read)

*Posted by Eric. Please excuse any errors. This was taken from an email and editors here are in short supply. If this is your gifting and you have time, no matter where you are located, we would love to have your help if you are able.

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