Walmart “Store Planting Movement”

Walmart “Store Planting Movement”

Our goal is not just “church planting,” but a “Church Planting Movement.”
As we look at this video of Walmart’s
– Establishment and DNA formation
– Slow initial extension into other areas; then
– Rapid multiplication throughout all of America,

What Kingdom thoughts are stimulated by this?

1. As Christ promised, the Church of Jesus Christ has spread like this throughout the whole world.
2. Yet, we long for more, more healthy, more rapid reproduction of healthy churches.
3. Yes, Walmart will fail at some point too, like the Roman and British Empires, like mighty Bank of America, Bear Stearns, and Circuit City, along with tottering Toyota, Citi Bank, McDonalds, and Apple.
4. But, though local churches may rise and fall, The Church of Jesus Christ will be built, growing and reproducing and spreading to and through every tongue and tribe, until all the elect are gathered. And then the end shall come. It cannot not happen. Matt. 16:18; Ezek 47:1-10; Gen 22:16-18.

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