Missional Family


One of our visions is that FAMILY emphasis would be “Missional Family”, not “Reformed Evangelical Amish” which doesn’t work anyway in discipling kids well. I actually preached on it recently, from Gen 22:18…. “thru your offspring all the nations of the earth will be blessed.” And, v 17, that these little ones God gives us will possess the gates of our enemies. (Militant terminology; yet, as in Acts, with GOSPEL weapons). We see much “missional” (outward focus) emphasis in some churches, but weakness in family. We see some “family focus” churches that are not Biblically missional, but ingrown; or, militant outward-focused that does not love the lost, doesn’t win the heart of the lost.

This is one of our themes, as we work with fledgeling home school/Christian school movement here in Japan. Learning from our experience watching the USA church/ home school/ Xn school movement for 30 years.

Pray for “Missional Family” in Japan. For that matter, in the USA. And the world. Our families are for the sake of the whole world. Genesis 22:16-17.

Dan Iverson

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